Africa: Select Projects

Kenya Railway Corporation PPP Training 2014 CLARET designed and conducted a course on Rail & Transit PPPs for the Kenya Railway Corporation in Nairobi, Kenya. The one-week course included following modules on Basic Financial Concepts; Kenya's Legal & Regulatory Framework; Transit PPP Case Studies; Project Structuring; Risk & Due Diligence; Risk Identification & Valuation; Public Supports & Contingent Liabilitie; Tariffs & Subsidies;  Financial Structuring;  PPP Tram Case Study; Contracts & Key Clauses; Value for Money & Public Sector Comparator; and Procurement & Project Management.

Advanced PPP & Project Finance Training Course in Ghana 2014 CLARET was contracted by Salvo Global to design and conduct a course on PPP & Project Finance in Accra, Ghana. The course focused on financial structuring of PPP projects as well as sources of financing for projects in Africa. The participants were led through a financial modelling session as part of the course.

PPP Training in Nigeria 2008-2010 CLARET conducted a number of PPP training courses in Nigeria for Lagos State Government, federal government agencies and for local consulting firm PowerCap.

PPP Training in Tanzania 2008-2009 CLARET was contracted by IP3 to design and conduct several PPP trainign courses in Tanzania for the Ministry of Infrastructure Development and the Consolidated Housing Corporation.