Europe & Central Asia: Select Projects

Silk Road Working Group 2015-Present CLARET launched the Silk Road Working Group (SRWG) in September 2015 to foster collaboration among governments, the private sector and civil society in delivering infrastructure and related developments throughout the Silk Road region.  SRWG has convened two conferences and several Working Group meetings in Washington, DC.  The next conference is planned for April 2017 in London.  These events have featured enthusiastic participation by US Government agencies, dozens of foreign Embassies, multilateral organizations, private sector firms and non-governmental organizations.

EBRD Moldova Railways Capacity Building on Energy Efficiency Management 2016 CLARET is supporting the Louis Berger/E3 consortium for this EBRD project.  Claret is advising Moldova Railways (Calea Ferată din Moldova, or CFM) energy efficiency investments.  Claret has identifed an investment pipeline of €50 million and designed an Energy Management Information System to be procured and later expanded by CFM.

EBRD Kazakhstan Resource Efficiency Transformation Program 2013-2014 CLARET provided Project and Training Management services under subcontract to the Pierce Atwood LLP Consortium for this EBRD project in Kazakhstan. The Law on Energy Efficiency created new requirements and opportunities for Kazakh local governments, businesses and national ministries. Claret developed a training course that were held in each of the 14 regions of Kazakhstan for representatives of central government, local government, business and other stakeholder groups to provide an overview of different types of Energy Efficiency (industrial, municipal, residential), detail legal requirements of various groups under the new legal framework and provide case studies and guidance on implementing Energy Efficiency projects in respective sectors. Claret also provided training to the State Energy Supervision and Control Committee Inspector Training.

Lithuania-France Street Lighting P3 Study Tour 2012 CLARET organized and led a study tour on street lighting P3 for a group of participants from Lithuania, including representatives from MoF, CVPA and several municipalities, including Vilnius. France was selected as the destination for the study tour because it is the world leader in street lighting P3 projects, with 50 projects under implementation. Claret Consulting conducted the first day of training, presenting key P3 concepts and methodologies, lessons learned and global best practices in P3 project preparation, procurement and implementation. Dentons Paris office hosted the study tour and also provided training on the French PPP procurement and finance market. Additional presentations were delivered by representatives of the French MoF’s PPP unit, the Mission d’appui aux partenariats public-privé (MAPPP), private sector market participants and local government officials. The study tour included a visit to the Salon des Maires et des Collectivités Locales, the annual French local government procurement exhibition featuring most of the firms active in the street lighting PPP market, including developers and advisors. Participants also visited San de Senart en Essonne and Moissy-Cramayel, two cities to the southeast of Paris, to learn first-hand about their street lighting projects and experience a demonstration of new street lighting technologies.

P3 Training for Ukraine 2008-11 CLARET implemented this USAID project under sub-contract to IP3 in 2008-2009. The P3 Strategy for Ukraine recommended specific interventions and USAID supports, resulting in a $12 million P3 program that is currently under implementation. As a follow-up to the original USAID project, Claret advised USAID contractors and project managers on implementation of the program. Claret also participated in two P3 conferences in Ukraine in October 2011, one sponsored by the City of Kyiv and the PPP Development Support Center and the other sponsored by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.